Vancouver Photographer: Bob Lai

Dec 19 2017, 4:42 am

The objective of Bob Lai Photography is to capture human emotion through collaboration with the client and integration with the surrounding landscape.

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Bob specializes in headshots and portraits. The natural beauty and unique attributes of the city lend a creative edge to his photography, and Bob is constantly searching for exciting and innovative ideas for his next shoot.
Following his passion for outdoor activities, Bob started out as a landscape photographer shooting the captivating BC backcountry. He slowly transitioned to photographing his canine friends, due to their unwavering amiable nature and unabashed willingness to pose.

Since then, Bob has refined his portrait skills while incorporating his artistic eye for landscape and background, resulting in a wide breadth of photography experience.

Vancity Buzz: What is your favourite subject to photograph?

Bob Lai: Looking at all my pictures I would have to say I don’t have one favourite subject to photograph. I love using my camera to capture special moments in life, whether it is nature, animals, or people.

VcB: What sort of things inspire you?

Bob: Seeing things differently, questioning everything, pushing the envelope, bending the limits, and evolving continuously. It’s like listening to songs by Tool and finding something different each time and seeing things from a different perspective.

VcB: How long have you been a photographer and at what point did you become serious about photography?

Bob: I used to own a few film point & shoot cameras when I was younger but didn’t shoot all that much because films were just too expensive. Not to mention that most of the time my pictures turned out to be a disappointment because I had little clue about what I was doing. When I first got a digital P&S camera 6 years ago I was in heaven. But soon found myself limited by it. Thanks to advancing in technology (and having a real job after graduating from university) I was finally able to purchase a DSLR about 3 years ago. I read many photography books, enrolled in Langara College photography courses, looked at a ton of pictures taken by other photographers, and took countless pictures. I think for a while I was averaging over 100 pictures a day and spent time analyzing all of them. Photography didn’t become serious until I started shooting portraits and posting them on Flickr. I was getting a lot of compliments and comments from friends and Flickr users. Soon people began inquiring about taking pictures for them as a service and the ball just started rolling from there.

VcB: If there was one person, place or thing you could photograph who or what would it be?

Bob: I would love to go back in time and photograph Richard Avedon. He is my inspiration for focusing on portrait photography. I really hope I can capture timeless pictures like he did. I’d love to not only photograph him but to assist him during one of his photo shoots. I’m sure I’d learn a lot from that experience.

VcB: As a photographer, where do you see yourself in the future?

Bob: Developing my own unique style so when people see my pictures they’d immediately know that I took these pictures.

Check out his portfolio @ for his latest work – Flickr

Follow him on twitter: @Tawcan

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