Vancouver Office Construction Cycle Begins

Last week we talked about the pending office construction boom that is about the smack the notion of Vancouver becoming a resort town back where it belongs. Doing some very quick research I was able to find a complete (or near complete) list of all projects ready to commence very soon. Many thanks to Log1988 at for compiling this vast list.

As you can see 17 projects are at various stages of the development process and 4 are currently under construction. If there are any others you know of please feel free to add them to the list via comment.

Currently in the Development Process stage:

1. 960-982 Howe: 15 floors, 268,908 sqft. Currently applying for rezoning. More info
2. Rogers Arena Development, 800 Griffiths Way: 18floor and 7 floors, 187,530 sq ft. Currently applying for rezoning. More info
3. Beatty Gate, 564 Beatty: 4flr addition. Approved by UDP. More Info
4. MEC Head Office, 1077 Great Nothern Way: 5 floors sqft|Applied for Rezoning. More info
5. Broadway Commercial, 984 W. Broadway: 10 floors at 93,672 sqft. Approved by UDP
6. Containers, 400 Terminal: 6flr/5flr|220,000 sqft. Approved by UDP
7. 3657 W Broadway: 10 floors and approximately 90,000 sqft. Approved by UDP
8. Broadway Tech Centre East Campus, 3030 E. Broadway: 5 buildings (5-6flr), total build out will be 854,384 sqft. Applied for Rezoning
9. Marine Gateway Office, 8440 Cambie: 15 floors, 243,000 sqft. Approved by UDP, more info.
10. Credit Suisse Tower, 801 W. Pender: 30 floors, 400,000 sqft. Applied for Rezoning. More info.
11. Telus Gardens, 555 Robson: 20 floors for a total of 448,195 sqft. Approved by UDP and slated to start ealy 2012. More info
12. 745 Thurlow: 23 floors, 365,000 sqft. Approved by UDP and a mid to early 2012 start. More info.
13. Burrard Gateway Office: 191,830 sqft (total). Approved by UDP
14. Broadway Tech Centre 6: 5 floors for a total of 175,000 sqft. Currently preleasing

15. 720 Robson: 5 floors of which 3 will be office. Approved by UDP.
16. Renfrew Centre Phase 2: 7 floors at approximately 149,000 sqft. Currently preleasing
17. Neelu Bachra Centre, 558 W. Broadway: 6 floor, 80,000 sqft. Currently preleasing

Under Construction

1. Central, 1618 Quebec: 7 floors and approximately 90,000 sqft: Currently going through site Prep
2. 1021 W. Hastings: 36floors, 270,000 sqft. Currently going through site prep and light demo.
3. Broadway Tech Centre 4. 173,000 sqft.

4. 1132 Hamilton: 3 floor addition at 23,000 sqft.

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