Vancouver Neighbours: Natasha Campbell

Dec 20 2017, 1:34 am

Natasha Campbell is a fashion instructor at VCAD and is currently working on her masters.

Neighbours is an exclusive Vancity Buzz feature in collaboration with award winning photographer, Matthew Chen, celebrating the diverse individuals that makeup up our community, one story at a time.

Natasha Campbell 3

Photo by Matthew Chen

“My parents had me very late, (this is reflected in my personality, my nick name is Granny T”

Natasha Campbell 2

Photo by Matthew Chen

“Scariest thing I have encountered is experiencing my parents’ get older. I love them so much, think that maybe one day they just won’t be around terrifies me. Right now they are all I have and being with out them is something I don’t want to imagine. But the reality is one day it will happen.”

Photo by Matthew Chen

Photo by Matthew Chen

“I still am learning to over come this. And that it’s the fact that “I am who I am.” Learning to accept yourself for all your quirks and strange moments. There are times were I wish I could just be different, but I already am different so I must love myself for the abnormalities that I consist of.

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