Vancouver movement is changing history

Right now Vancouver is home to a growing movement that will show the rest of the world how together, we can end HIV. Sounds impossible? It’s actually really simple. It all begins with watching this video:

The reality is that HIV is different now. Unknown to many, it’s a treatable disease, and early diagnosis gives you the best chance at living a longer, healthier life, and of protecting your HIV-negative partners through treatment.

The problem is that over 60% of those who are positive are diagnosed well after they should have started treatment, and many, years after they had been infected – and we can do much better. Of those 60%, the majority had multiple opportunities to be diagnosed earlier. In other words, they had been to the doctor and they had had blood tests, but an HIV test was simply not included.

Diagnosing HIV early changes everything. It prevents the virus from attacking the body and it prevents it from spreading through our communities. All each of us needs to do is step up and take a test – changing history is that simple.

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Share the word. Take the test. Join the movement. End HIV. Change Hivstory