Crackdown coming for Vancouver motorcycle noise

Dec 19 2017, 4:11 pm

Summer brings a lot of things to the streets of Vancouver: fun summer festivals, sun-drenched tourists and the inevitable deafening motorcycle. When the bikes come out, the complaints start piling up, and the Vancouver Police Department is looking to take action.

Last week, VPD announced they will begin cracking down on noisy motorcycles, cars and other personal vehicles. In B.C., mufflers on motorcycles and cars are restricted to a maximum of 91 decibels of exhaust sound. Anything more than that is ruled Unnecessary Noise and could result in a $109 fine, plus three points on the driver’s license.

“The focus is not about targeting motorcycles, but rather making sure people who live downtown or use the city’s public spaces are able to enjoy themselves,” said Acting Inspector Ken Eng of the VPD’s Traffic Section.

While it may seem like most of the focus is on motorcycles, VPD want to be clear: any vehicle can be fined, and the noise can come from exhaust, motors, squealing tires or any other function of the vehicle.

More information on the announcement can be found here.