Vancouver Mega Comic-Con October 2012

Dec 19 2017, 6:09 am

A mega comic-con is descending upon Vancouver this fall. We’d like to tell you more but as of right now this is all we know. What we can tell you is that this is the largest comic-con to make its way to our fair city. Comic book fans young and old have been waiting for this for a long time and now the time has finally arrived. 

Vancouver Mega Comic-Con will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. It will be a two day event, with an after party planned for Saturday night.

Lately Vancouver has become fanboy heaven. We just had the Anime Revolution convention roll through, another cosplay event  is planned for UBC this weekend (August 25-26,2012), the world Pokemon championships are coming to town and currently there is the Star Trek exhibit at PNE. Oh and we also had the Fan Expo this year. It is indeed good times for us nerds.

Buzztip @Supervancouver via twitter