Vancouver man arrested for showing up at Jennifer Lawrence's home

Dec 19 2017, 7:33 am

We all love celebrities, but sometimes showing up at the door-step of one of your favourite stars can come off a little creepy. Unfortunately for Vancouver student Han Cong Zhao, he did just that, and it wasn’t a happy ending.

Zhao showed up in-front of Hollywood Star Jennifer Lawrence’s home and was instantly charged with stalking and threatening, ultimately landing him in a Kentucky jail with a bail set for $100,000.

Lawrence’s lawyers say Zhao is not unknown to them having sent multiple emails to the actress’s brother Blaine Lawrence, telling him: “I find you or you come to me. You got me really upset. When I am upset, wait and see what happens.”

Judge Annette Karem described the threats against actress Jennifer Lawrence (or “biblical Mary” as Zhao calls her) and her family a “serious danger,” immediately issuing a restraining order with a court date set for July 23.


Written by Felix Kay, a contributor at Vancity Buzz. Stay in touch with Felix on Twitter at @TheFelixKay.