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Dec 19 2017, 10:19 am

When it comes to choosing a school to go to, it can be a daunting task. There are schools that are more expensive than others and schools that have better programs than others. So how does one go about choosing the best fit for them? It can be a total pain, especially in the beauty industry. Many schools claim to be the best and have the best instructors with the most experience, but one huge deciding factor, if not the biggest, is the cost.

There are a lot more schools that offer makeup programs than people think. Some have a huge price tag on them and are very well known, but others are less known with a much lower price tag. If you can afford it, the bigger name schools can look great on a resume as they are more known in the industry, but if the cost is too steep, there are other schools that offer the same programs for a much more affordable tuition.

Two of the most recognizable names in the beauty industry in B.C. are Blanche MacDonald and John Casablanca’s. Both are great schools, and both have the bigger price tags to them.

Blanche MacDonald has an impressive faculty that all work in the industry as professionals. Everyone knows the industry standard so they can prepare their students for the real world when they graduate. The global makeup program they offer is a 16-level, 920 hour, full-time program that runs a $12,000 to $16,000 fee. Students will learn everything from beauty to special effects makeup from some of the best in the business. The program is 20 hours per week for 46 weeks and offers not only how to apply makeup and different techniques, but as well as a little business so that artists can be prepared to go into business on their own.

John Casablanca’s is widely known and has an impressive staff of its own. Better known for being a modelling agency, the students have great resources for projects, as well as finding work after graduation. There are two programs available, one for fashion and beauty makeup, which is only six months long, and the other is the diploma course which goes over everything and is 11 months long. The Fashion and Beauty program runs about $10,900, which includes the cost of books and the kit. The Diploma program is about $20,500 including the cost of the kits and textbooks.

Both of these schools programs are full time and students are able to take out student loans to pay the hefty fee. However, if the price is too steep, there are schools that offer makeup programs for less than half the price. The schools might not be as recognized in the beauty industry, but they will be more affordable and offer a great program.

First is VCC. Yes, you read right, Vancouver Community College. Not as intense as the bigger name beauty schools, the program is available part time for two years or full time for one year. There are seven courses in total with three separate start dates, September, January and April. The makeup course costs around $3,414, which is far less than the other schools, so it is a lot more affordable.

New Image is another school that, while still expensive compared to VCC, is less than JCI and Blanche. New Image offers two different programs, like the other schools. The longer program is for fashion and film which includes beauty and special effects. This program runs a price tag of about $19,500, while the beauty program, which solely focuses on the beauty and not the gore runs about $6,750. The fashion and film program is 1,000 hours, which works out to 50 weeks, while the beauty program is only 260 hours which works out to be 13 weeks.

Each of these schools has a great makeup program with very talented people as instructors. Ultimately, choosing a school is a difficult task, but if the main deciding factor is the cost, it is a bit easier to choose. For more info on each of these school, you can check out the websites and email the directors to get more info and set up appointments to meet with the directors.



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