Vancouver Makes Foreign Policy's 10 Global Cities to Watch List

Foreign Policy, a global magazine of politics, economics, and ideas, ranked Vancouver #6 in a list of 10 cities & 6 emerging centres to watch for in the next century. It’s great to see a Canadian city make the list, even better that it’s Vancouver, the gateway to Asia.

The Pacific Northwest Metropolis has come a long way in the last decade. The next century we’ll see a new, better Vancouver emerge.

From Foreign Policy’s website:

This beautiful Canadian city continues to show how immigration and good architecture can combine to make cities vibrant and fun.

Even after reading this, there is little doubt that many will still complain about Vancouver. It’s too expensive, there’s nothing to do here etc… Despite all the bickering from locals, it’s estimated that 10,000 plus people a year moved here over the last few years. Further, 7,000 plus are expected to call Vancouver home every year for the next decade and beyond. We must be doing something right.

One only needs to look at other cities similar in population to Metro Vancouver to see that Vancouver does quite well in a lot of categories.  The future looks bright for the city and as soon as Vancouverites embrace density (not gentrification type density, but neighbourhood evolution density) it’s only going to get better. For a greater entertainment and arts community a critical mass needs to be created, Vancouver has just started it’s journey to attain that critical mass.

Here is the rest of the top ten:

1. Singapore

2. Gurgaon (IT centre of New Delhi)

3. Cairo

4. Hong Kong/Shenzhen

5. Athens

6. Vancouver

7. New York City

8. Sao Paulo

9. ChristChurch, New Zealand

10. London

Image: Shangri La Hotels