Registration is still open for Lululemon's popular SeaWheeze 2020

Aug 20 2020, 10:35 am

The festivities are well underway but there’s still plenty of time to participate in SeaWheeze 2020.

Lululemon’s ultra-popular half marathon has gone virtual this year, expanding to more runners across the globe than ever. For many, it’s been an opportunity to join in an otherwise elusive race; in previous years, the Vancouver-based run calls for a lottery to select participants.

This year, the race can be done indoors or outdoors, allowing runners to freely and safely chart their own course. While it means that participants can pick their favourite places to run, it also means that they’ll need to get geared up with the right mindset to run.

Rob Watson, Lululemon Global Ambassador and Mile2Marathon Head Coach, says that his favourite place to run is Pacific Spirit Park. For him, it’s also his way of pushing himself physically and mentally, while learning more about himself.

“The act of running is instinctual and beautiful,” he says. “It’s an activity that we can all participate in.”

Watson’s tips for tackling a big run? He finds half marathons especially challenging after the halfway point, so it’s important to “stay focused and maintain a positive mindset.” That’s a great way to “manage the accumulating fatigue and discomfort.”

Part of the process was staying consistent with training, even on days when getting out of the door is challenging.

“I made it a priority to get in at least one hour of running a day,” he explains. “I ran based on how I felt on the day — sometimes I ran hard, other days I just threw on some tunes and jogged. I managed to get decently fit by just staying committed and consistent to that one-hour-a-day schedule.”

And if it’s your first half marathon or 10k?

“Have fun with it and enjoy the experience,” says Watson. “Set your intention, be safe, and run with gratitude.

An extensive lineup of events and apparel

In addition to the run, there are also plenty of virtual events taking place, including yoga, guided goal setting, and some fantastic playlists to work out to.

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Registration for SeaWheeze 2020 remains open until August 23. Participants can register online and run, walk, or wheel.

Daily Hive is a proud media partner of Lululemon’s SeaWheeze 2020

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