Vancouver Kettlebell Training

A great benefit of the Kettlebell workout is that every session focuses on the functional muscles, or in other words your “everyday muscles”. The muscles you use to walk or get out of bed every day. These muscles never get worked on when you go to the gym. In other words, all your major muscle groups get a workout with just a single Kettlebell exercise. The double hand swing is the most basic Kettlebell excersise and at the same time is the foundation of the KB workout. When you perform the “swing” you work your thighs, hamstrings, glutes, core, and arms. And this is not mentioning the cardio and strength training portion of the workout. Talk about getting the most bang for your dollar! Working your muscles in this way trains your muscles as a unit, which greatly increases your body’s functional strength or in other words, you’re every day muscles. Because you engage so many muscles at the same time during every exercise, strength and cardio gains increase dramatically. Kettlebells set your fat on fire like no other form of exercise. Losing 1% of body fat a week for weeks is not uncommon.

And this is for the females, no you do not get bulky. Kettlebell burns so much fat and generates true strength. Therefore, making you lean and very strong.

If you like excercises that are simple, time saving, total-body exercise , then kettlebells are for you!

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Be sure to check out the FUSE Kettlebell & Yoga classes at Creekside Community Centre where Vancouver Kettlebell Training has teamed up with Yoga On The Flow to bring you the ultimate workout.