This Vancouver staple for Korean food just got a huge revamp and here are the top 7 new dishes (PHOTOS)

May 12 2023, 5:30 pm

Jess’ Restaurant has been serving up delicious and upscale Asian fusion dishes on West 41st Avenue since late 2020. While its menu has evolved several times over its short tenure, it has certainly found its footing as the go-to spot for Korean fine dining — in one of Vancouver’s most Instagrammable interiors, no less.

While the eatery started out with mostly French-based cuisine, it has recently undergone a big rebrand, now offering a unique, exclusive menu of items not usually found outside of Korea, let alone in Vancouver.

Jess’ modern menu, updated in January to modern Korean cuisine, is packed with innovative flavours and prioritizes quality above all. Paired with the opulent, one-of-a-kind design, you’re in for a dining experience that’s absolutely exceptional and sophisticated.

Along with a new-and-improved menu this year, Jess’ has made some renovations to up its already-luxe decor game, which melds early 20th-century glamour with futuristic design, featuring Italian marble flooring and tables, coloured LED lighting, cushy velour booths, and lavish gold-clad washrooms.

Amid this elegant atmosphere, here are just some of the seasonal dishes you’ve got to try out on your next visit to the newly reimagined spot.

Yuk Hwey

When beef tartar is on the menu, you know you’re at a quality fine-dining spot, and Jess’ does this classic plate in a way that is all its own. Raw minced beef is mixed with pickled radish, pear, soy, sesame oil, shallot, chives, sugar, and lotus root. Topped with pecorino cheese, this dish has a distinct melt-in-your-mouth flavour and texture.


Beef short ribs are a staple of Korean barbecue, and appear in a more elevated, gluten-free iteration here at Jess’. The ribs are specially coffee-braised and served with seasonal vegetables, jujube, and chestnut apple purée in a truly thoughtful and original take on this classic.

Sot Bab

This hot stone bowl rice dish features a mix of protein, fresh veggies like daikon and zucchini, homemade gluten-free soy sauce, and seasonal Korean side dishes. A signature lunch dish, you can choose from oyster, abalone & scallop, beef brisket, or a vegetarian mushroom variety as your protein, with the option to add a poached egg to any.

The bowl is colourful and hearty, with a depth of flavour thanks to rich stock and additions like garlic stem, truffle oil, onion, and more.

Spicy Tomato Kimchi Salad

Kimchi is known not only for its distinctive tangy flavour but also for its gut-health-boosting probiotic properties. This de-constructed tomato dish is made the same way traditional kimchi is done, with tomato jelly, kimchi powder, caramelized rice sugar and Korean spices for a fresh, bright, and zesty small plate.


This salted, smoked mackerel dish is extremely popular in Korea, and Jess’s sumptuous take is plated beautifully with mustard yogurt, braised daikon, mustard cucumber, and basil oil.


The addition of a poached egg on top of this gorgeous radish kimchi makes tucking into it all the more luscious. This main is finished with pork, pecorino cheese, and chive.

Jess’ Signature Samgaetang

Oyster mushroom, braised leek, date chutney, and herbal oil decorate this ginseng chicken soup, with the meat and chicken broth being the stars of the dish. Samgaetang is known as a traditional remedy promoting bodily health.

Want to try these amazing dishes for yourself? Then head over to the Jess’ Restaurant website to check out their complete menu and make a reservation.

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