Vancouver Island Party wants to form new Canadian province (POLL)

Jun 22 2016, 6:10 pm

A new political party wants Vancouver Island to break away from British Columbia and become the 11th Canadian province.

The Vancouver Island Party – also known as the VanIsle Party – says the island’s way of life is under threat from climate change and government indifference.

“We … want to live in a just society with protection from the ravages of extreme climate warming, such as rising sea levels, depleted resources on land and in the sea, and the lack of stable, well paying and long-lasting jobs,” reads the party’s vision statement. “We also want improved health care.”

The party hopes to make a deal with the provincial governing party in future elections – in exchange for VIP MLA support, a referendum will be called on the island’s independence.

If the party succeeds in its plan for province-hood, it is also promising to build a bridge from Vancouver Island to BC and set up a Haida Gwaii Express ferry service.

The party was founded and is led by Harvard–educated economist and former MP Dr. Robin M. Richardson, who is also an author, pastor, historian and former professor.