Fundraiser for Vancouver Island homeless man who returned lost $2,000 to police

Dec 19 2017, 3:42 pm

A homeless man in Langford, B.C. (on Vancouver Island) found $2,000 on the street, and decided to return it the police.

West Shore RCMP are praising the homeless man for his swift act of selflessness and honesty, saying it was an unusual happening. The man reportedly said he was in his 60s and homeless. He handed in the money and reportedly said he did it because it was the right thing to do.

“If we are not successful in identifying the rightful owner within 90 days, this good Samaritan will receive the cash,” Constable Alex Bérubé, spokesperson of the West Shore RCMP, said in a press release.

Police of the Victoria suburb say that they will be trying to locate the rightful owner, and are asking the owner to come forward with specific details about the amount, denominations and location where the money was found at 250-474-2264.

So far, a GoFundMe page has been launched to reward the man for his act of honesty. The fundraiser has so far raised over $1,600 in an effort to give back “good karma.”

“When this man found the money, and turned it in, it gave me pause to think what I would have done in the same circumstances. I think most of us would have done the same thing,” read the fundraiser page.

“When we get to $2,400, I can’t think of a better feeling than handing this man $2,400 – no strings attached – and telling him it’s a gift from the ENTIRE COMMUNITY that read this story.”

The fundraiser page can be found here.

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