Vancouver has highest price of gas in North America

Dec 19 2017, 2:11 pm

It seems like just yesterday we were reporting gas prices hitting 99 cents a litre in Vancouver, but the pump is back eating at your wallets this week.

Metro Vancouver can add the “most expensive gas in North America” title to its list of superlatives. According to, prices across the region reached a $1.30 average Monday morning, almost 15 cents more than Quebec City, the second most expensive city in the country at $1.16.

Currently, the most expensive city in the U.S. for gas is Los Angeles at $3.51 per gallon, or 74 cents CAD per litre*.

The entire west coast has seen sharp increases in gas prices over the last few days. Metro Vancouver’s prices have risen about 10 cents since Friday and 20 cents since the beginning of the month.

To the south, Seattle’s price of gas on February 23 was $2.55 US per gallon, or 53 cents CAD per litre*. Today, their average price is $2.88 per gallon, or almost 61 cents CAD per litre*.

The dramatic price elevation up and down the west coast is likely connected to the Torrence, California refinery explosion on February 18 that shut down gasoline production. In Vancouver, the weak Canadian dollar exacerbate the situation.

Municipal, provincial and federal taxes make up 42 cents per litre of the listed pump price in Metro Vancouver. The federal government adds on 10 cents per litre tax, the provincial government’s gas tax adds another 8.5 cents per litre, and the carbon tax adds 6.67 cents per litre. Translink tacks on another 17 cents per litre. The price of gas plus added taxes are totalled up and then charged GST, a 5 per cent increase.

Today’s price of gas in Metro Vancouver broken down:

  • Base price of 83.6 cents per litre
    • 17 cents per litre TransLink Tax
    • 10 cents per litre Federal Excise Tax
    • 8.5 cents per litre Provincial Fuel Tax
    • 6.67 cents per litre Carbon Tax
      • + 5% GST

= $1.30

Even without the taxes, we still pay much more than our U.S. counterparts.

Most expensive cities for gas in Canada

1. Vancouver, B.C. – $1.30
2. Quebec City, Quebec – $1.16
3. Sept-Îles, Quebec – $1.154. Shawinigan, Quebec – $1.14
5. Trois-Rivières, Quebec – $1.14
6. Montréal, Quebec – $1.14
7. Châteauguay, Quebec – $1.13
8. Victoria, B.C. – $1.13
9. Chilliwack, B.C. – $1.13
10. Abbotsford, B.C. – $1.13

*based on March 2 exchange rate of 0.80

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