Former Vancouver Grizzlies draft pick Steve Francis in jail according to TMZ

Dec 12 2016, 11:33 pm

Former Vancouver Grizzlies draft pick Steve Francis is going back to jail, TMZ reports.

Francis reportedly turned himself in on Monday morning a warrant from a burglary charge earlier this year. He could face up five years in prison on a third degree felony.

He was arrested for DWI, possession of marijuana, and retaliation in Houston last month.

Francis was already wanted by cops in Manatee, Florida after he allegedly broke in and stole approximately $7,000 worth of stuff from a BMW.

Francis went to the police station in Florida two days later and was quoted as saying: “I just robbed somebody. Take me to jail. I’m turning myself in.”

Francis has been out of the NBA since 2007, after playing for Houston, Orlando, and New York. The second overall pick by Vancouver in 1999 (thanks Stu Jackson!) never played a game for the Grizzlies, after he pouted his way to a trade before the following season.

Francis was quite possibly the most hated man in Vancouver upon his return, and his slight was one of the final nails in the coffin for the franchise.