Vancouver Food Trucks: Ze Bite

Ze Bite food truck brings the taste of France to the streets of Vancouver. With a small menu focusing on French cuisine with Moroccan and Italian influences, Ze bites offers sandwiches and stews that are not only delicious, but are true to the gourmet nature.
The truck accepts all major forms of payment, including credit cards and debit.
VcB: What type of food do you offer and what does your cart offer the food cart community?
We are serving stews, tagines. The meat is free range and hormone free and we have a vegan stew.
  •  Boeuf bourguignon – red wine beef stew
  • 2 stews which rotates which every week
  • 2 sandwiches: Ze Pig – Citrus and spice pulled pork, onion relish and jalapenos
  • Ze Provencal – Roasted Veg, Sun dried tomato tapenade and cream of goat cheese
VcB: Where are you typically located?
Burrard and cordova 11.30am – 2.30pm Monday thru Friday.
VcB: Someone has $15 to spend for lunch. What should they order?
A vegetarian will go for the vegetarian stew and a non vegetarian will go for our moroccan meat tagine of the day or for an earthy craving he will go for the beef stew.
VcB: In the future what type of foods do you hope to offer?
I’d like to add some desserts like raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse and fruit crumbles.
VcB: What are your top 3 sellers?
  1. Ze Pig
  2. Boeuf Bourguignon
  3. Ze vegan stew

VcB: If your cart played music like the ice cream truck, what song would it be and why?
Daby Toure Iris.
VcB: If you could have any person lined up at your cart, who would it be and why?
Jamie Olliver – I am sure he is dreaming to have a food truck like mine!
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