Vancouver Food Trucks: Taser Grilled Cheese

Dec 19 2017, 5:58 am

If I were to grade the Vancouver food carts by flavour, affordability and simplicity, Taser Grilled Cheese would be my favourite.

There’s nothing pretentious about this little cart with the big name. Just good food. You can find it at Main and Terminal, right outside the Main Skytrain Station. With menu items ranging from $3 to $5, this is one of the least expensive food carts in Vancouver. They’re so good, they even have their own theme song!

This cart sells grilled cheese and nothing else. For fans of the traditional grilled cheese sandwich they offer The Classic – melted cheddar on white bread. If you’re craving something with a little more zing, there’s The Vampire Bite – grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic (lots and LOTS of garlic), with aged cheddar on fresh sourdough bread. And if gourmet grilled cheese is what you’re looking for, the So Gouda is the one for you: gouda and havarti cheeses, smoked bacon and caramelized apples on fresh sourdough bread.

VcB: What’s the name of your food cart?

Taser Sandwiches

VcB: What type of food do you offer and what does your cart offer the food cart community?

We do gourmet as well as classic takes on the awesome comfort inducing grilled cheese Sandwich. We are one of the only carts located outside of downtown and we are “especial.

VcB: Where are you located?

Main St. Skytrain station.  East Van.

VcB: Someone has $15 to spend for lunch. What should they order?

Bring a date cause you’ll be feeding 2 on that budget. A vampires bite and a so Gouda ($5 each). A classic on brown as an “amuse bouche”($3). Share a pomegranate limeade spritzer for 2 bucks and you will both be stuffed and within budget.

VcB: In the future what type of foods do you hope to offer?

I really would like to offer a beef brisket chilli for the winter.

VcB: What’s your top 3 sellers?

Vampires bite
So Gouda

VcB: If your cart played music like the ice cream truck, what song would it be and why?

Did a cover of hot hot heats “bandages ” but changed it to “sandwiches” and included all my ingredients. It’s awesome. It’s the Taser theme song.

VcB: If you could have any person lined up at your cart, who would it be and why?

All my friends obviously.

Follow Taser Grilled Cheese on twitter @TaserSandwich and for updates on all your favourite Vancouver street food trucks, download the Street Food App from Itunes. It’s free!

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