Vancouver Food Carts: Pig on the Street

Dec 19 2017, 5:48 am

Vancouver, meet Mark and Krissy, proud owners of the Pig on the Street food truck.

This lovely couple is on a mission to bring more bacon goodness to the streets. They strive to showcase and utilize locally produced food and their meat has no additives or hormones. The flatbread used on their sandwiches is made from scratch, as well as their own sauces and condiments. Mark and Krissy are both from England, and the inspiration for their food cart comes from the bacon sandwiches back home.

Vegetarians don’t fret – Pig on the Street offers a vegetarian option on their menu: The No Piggy.

VcB: What’s the name of your food cart?

Pig on the Street

VcB: What type of food do you offer and what does your cart offer the food cart community?
Pig on the street strives to bring taste, sustainability, simplicity & creativity together to the bustling street food scene in Vancouver. Using our uniquely converted Westfalia foodtruck we serve handmade flatbreads stuffed with bacon and other delicious fillings, such as sausage stuffing and blue cheese. We believe in showcasing local product s wherever possible and lowering our ecological footprint.
VcB: Where are you typically located?
On Howe St between Georgia & Robson next to the art gallery
VcB: Someone has $15 to spend for lunch. What should they order?
For $15 you can pretty much order the whole menu, which would include a hearty bacon flatbread, cheese twisty bread, bourbon bacon brownie & a raspberry mint lemonade.
VcB: In the future what type of foods do you hope to offer?
We use Seasonal produce which will add new menu choices as the year goes by.
VcB: What’s your top 3 sellers?
The Porker  (double smoked bacon, sausage stuffing w apple & sage, goat gouda, caramelised onion mayo, greens).
Hair of the Hog (Bourbon, bacon brownie bite)
The Pig L T (double smoked bacon, greens, vine-ripened tomato, avocado, farmhouse cheddar, bacon mayo)

The Pig L T

VcB: If your cart played music like the ice cream truck, what song would it be and why?
The Piggies by the Beatles (Classic British music & food together)
VcB: If you could have any person lined up at your cart, who would it be and why?
Kevin Bacon (the name says it all….)
Follow Pig on the Street on twitter @PigOnTheStreet. Also don’t forget to download the Street Food App for the location and hours of operation of all your favourite Vancouver food trucks!