Vancouver Food Carts - Off the Wagon Travelling Tacos

Dec 19 2017, 5:53 am

Off the Taco Wagon is another excellent experience waiting to be had. Their Mantra is “Local, ethical, sustainable and healthy”. It should also include delicious.  Aside from meat tacos, they offer an excellent vegan/vegetarian option – Their black bean and roasted yams tacos are a big hit, for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Also try the jalapeno-infused coleslaw: a great side dish with just the right kick. If thirsty is what you are, their Agua de Jamaica drink is an unique and refreshing option this summer!

Off the Taco Wagon is cash only, so make sure you visit an ATM before you visit them!

VcB: What’s the Name of your Food Cart:

Off the Wagon – travelling tacos

VcB: What type of food do you offer and what does your cart offer the food cart community?

We offer Mexican Style Tacos with a “we freakin’ love Mother Earth” philosophy. We hope to contribute a sense of community to the food cart community.  We like to get to know our farmers, our producers, our colleagues and our customer.  We like to recognize the active participation we all have in this exciting new phenomenon happening in Vancouver!

VcB: Where are You Typically Located?
One the move!  We have a location on Dunsmuir (outside the Burrard Skytrain Station) but we focus much of our time participating in local Farmer’s Markets – Kitsilano (SUN), Strathcona (WED), the West End (SAT), North Van (FRI).  We LOVE being a part of the Farm Market community!
VcB: Someone has $15 to spend for lunch. What should they order?
My favorite lunch right now is 2 Tacos, Al Pastor (rotisserie pork with Pico de Gallo) with a small Spring Salad (Guac, Roasted Yams, Beans….YUM!) – $12.50….add our homemade Agua de Jamaica (Iced Hibiscus Tea) and you only need to dig into your pockets for an extra $0.50!
VcB: In the future what type of foods do you hope to offer?
We hope to bring more flavours of Mexico to the Street.  You could have a cart on every street corner of Vancouver serving Mexican food, with everyone serving something different, and you still wouldn’t cover a quarter of what they have to offer…..let’s bring it!
VcB: What’s your top 3 sellers?
Tacos, Tacos and, ummm, Tacos 😉  
We focus on typical Mexican Style Tacos; Pastor, Carnitas, Chorizo (sorry, no Pollo) But I bet our best seller is the VEGAN!  What?!?!?!  Back up!  I know!  We were surprised too, but Roasted Yams with Cumin Black Beans, so good!
VcB: If your cart played music like the ice cream truck, what song would it be and why?
 James Brown – cuz we want you all to come and GET DOWN with yer funky self – and eat some tacos while yer at it! 
VcB: If you could have any person lined up at your cart, who would it be and why?
We would be the most stoked to see any of our regulars lining up for tacos….which makes every day pretty exciting!  It is pretty gratifying to establish relationships with your customers and develop a genuine appreciation for one another.  If all of them lined up at once (we hope to see all of you in line too!)  it would be a pretty happy gang eating tacos together….we once had 20 or so people standing and sitting around eating tacos and chatting and it was definitely the best day ever!
Follow them on twitter @offthetacowagon for location and menu info. And download the Vancouver Street Food Appfor free on the Itunes store.