Vancouver Food Carts: Coma Food Truck

Dec 19 2017, 5:11 am

Vancouver’s Coma Food Truck gets its name from a blend of (Ko)rean, (M)exican and (A)merican. One day, we decided to head down and try their some of their more popular items.

We started off with their Korean BBQ Burrito, with a base of Korean beef, then fillings such as onions, corn and tofu and the obligatory cheese, and then all tightly rolled up in a tortilla. You need two hands to hold this baby together. Served piping hot, it’s a good mix of sweet and spicy. Each bite is a bit different, and it’s more than enough for lunch.


We also tried their Bibimbap, a bowl of hot rice with matchsticks of zucchini, carrots, daikon and slices of cucumber. Piled on top is Korean bbq beef, a bit of spicy kochujang. A sunny side up egg sits like a crown, and a final dash of sesame oil finished the dish. This was filling and comforting. You can’t tell, but there was quite a bit of meat in the dish and the yolk was runny, so once you break into it, it makes a great sauce for the rice.

The third item we tried was the Stuffed Seaweed Roll. Take a spring roll wrapper, fill it with vegetables and potato noodles and then rolled the entire thing in a sheet of seaweed. Nope, not quite done, batter the little bundle of joy and then deep fry it. It’s a little bit oily, but then again, it’s filled with veggies, so it’s got to be healthy, right?

To round off the meal, we had their Kimchi Quesadilla. Two tortillas with yummy veggies, tofu, kimchi and cheese (lots of cheese) sandwiched in between. The kimchi is a little mild, but the quesadilla was nicely fried on both sides, ensuring a oozy gooey cheese inside!

So if you’re looking for a lunch slightly out of the ordinary, check out Coma Food Truck.

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Written By: Grace Cheung (@gracecheung604)

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