Vancouver Food Carts: The Juice Truck

Dec 19 2017, 7:15 am

I have been asking people I know about their favourite Vancouver food carts and was curious to see which cart would rise above all others and point the way towards my next profile. Gastown’s The Juice Truck was the popular response. I’d never been and the people had spoken so now I had my mandate. The Juice Truck was next on my culinary hit list.

First, let’s confront the obvious. Much like the name implies, this is “The Juice Truck”. No pulled pork sandwiches, no chicken ‘n waffles and no Korean tacos. This truck deals almost exclusivly in liquids, with only a daily salad special and some baked goodies requiring a working set of teeth. That being said, when you make liquids this delicious you probably don’t need to be bothered with solid food. Just drink it. Looking for a massive lunch? Try another food cart. Looking for a delicious and refreshing nectar to fuel your weary human machine and/or supplement an earlier meal? This is the spot.

The juice comes in two forms, cold-pressed or smoothie, and will run you between $7 to $8. Don’t let the price turn you off. These are not Jamba Juice fruit slurpees, these are the real deal. Just like suckling at Mother Nature’s teat. The cold-pressed juices are as tasty and refreshing as any juice I have ever had. The Profile, made from red delicious apples, anjou pears, pineapple, orange and ginger, was exceptional and featured a great combination of flavours, especially the pear, apple and ginger trifecta. I’ve got my eye on The Apron next, which is a wacky combination of pineapple with orange, spinach, mint, lemon, coconut water, aloe vera and himalayan rock salt. You only live once, right kids?

As for smoothies, you’ve got to try The Avocado Pineapple. Yep, it’s green. Yep, you can taste the avocado. And yep, it’s friggin’ delicious! Take some avocado and pineapple, add some coconut water, lime, vanilla and agave and you’ve got a fiesta you can drink. Another one to try would be The Almost Chocolate: banana, medjool dates, chocolate, almond butter and soy milk. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try the soup of the day as I arrived after 2 p.m. and they had sold out. Best not procrastinate on your lunch if you want a bowl.

To top it off, The Juice Truck has recently found a way to bottle their food cart success and launched The Juice Cleanse, a pre-bottled juice regimen that allows you to hit the reset button on your body and start it back up right with the proper fuel. Make sure to check out their website for more details if you want to take your health to the next level, it sure beats drinking lemon water with a little cayenne pepper.

As far as I can tell, you can’t go wrong with anything on this menu. All of their produce is locally-sourced when possible and organic (except for the pineapples). The juice is top-shelf and the different recipes do a great job of maximizing both taste and health benefits. To top it off, they’re really friendly folk. Make sure you chat up Zach and Ryan when you swing by, they love to talk juice.

To paraphrase the immortal Notorious B.I.G., if you don’t know about The Juice Truck, now you know. Juicy!

Corner of Abbott and Water Street in Gastown
Vancouver, B.C.

Monday to Friday: 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday: Check Twitter for time and location
Sundays and Holidays: Closed



Written by Corbet Rutzer, a Food Columnist at Vancity Buzz. Connect with Corbet on Twitter at @crutzer.