5 reasons for shopping at the Vancouver Flea Market's Antique Show

Dec 19 2017, 9:45 pm

No matter what, you can’t compete with the almighty antique shopping experience.

The Vancouver Flea Market’s upcoming Antique Show on May 8 will provide browsers with the perfect opportunity to find hidden treasures that you can’t find in a regular shopping mall.


The event will take place in The Vancouver Flea Market’s iconic bright red building which is nestled beside Terminal Avenue, just a quick 10 minute walk way from the Main Street SkyTrain.

We’ve compiled a list of five reasons why you’ll want to hunt for antiques at the upcoming Vancouver Flea Market’s Antique Show on May 8.

1. They’re eco-friendly

Stave off your urges to buy mass-produced and unethical products. Antique finds incorporate the cardinal recycling rules: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reusing an antique item gives your home that original touch, but it also offers an eco-friendly bonus.

2. They’re interesting

Antiques are bound to have an interesting story that can capture the imagination. Try grabbing something that comes with a backstory that will liven up your home and fascinate your guests.

3. They’re timeless

Antiques don’t go out of fashion. They aren’t seasonal, and they’re not going to fall foul of the latest trends. Instead they’re timeless items that will continue to wow you long into the future.

4. They increase in value

Antiques don’t just look good, they can also be a great investment. Maintain your antique’s current condition and there’s a good chance it will increase in value. After all they aren’t getting any younger.

5. They’re reliable

Antiques are reliable for a variety of reasons. You automatically know that they’re well-made and sturdy if they’ve made it into your home, nevermind outlasting the past 100 years or so. So you can rest assured that your antique will probably stick around for a long time to come.

The Vancouver Flea Market Antique Show on May 8

When: Sunday, May 8

Where: 703 Terminal Avenue, The Vancouver Flea Market

Price: Admission $2, tables $40


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