Incredibly emotional Fathers' Day video has the world tearing up

Dec 19 2017, 3:45 pm

Warning: This video may make you cry.

A Vancouver-made video to celebrate Fathers’ Day and the emotional connection between dads and their children is making waves, and tears, on YouTube.

Echo Storytelling is a Vancouver-based agency designed to create books, videos and digital stories that connect customers with the true value of a brand. But a passion project started by founder and president Samantha Reynolds tells one of the most authentic stories in human history – the relationship between fathers and their children.

But one detail stands out. Reynolds grew up without a father.

“When I was in elementary school, the teachers had all the kids make cards for their dads on Father’s Day each year. I always made one. I just gave mine to my mom. It was our little joke. I used to tell her she was my two-for-one,” Reynolds writes in a blog post on the Echo website.

Her mom and dad got pregnant after a summer fling and the two were not at the right stage in their life to be parents together, so Reynolds’ mom took on the job herself, but she says she never felt like much was missing, and her childhood was “utopic”.

“But recently, seeing my husband with my one-year-old daughter, something shifted. I didn’t feel it when I had my son but something about my little girl with her dad nudged some question that had truly never come up for me before: how would my life have been different if I’d grown up with a dad?”

That question inspired her to create the #TellThemNow project that puts child and father face-to-face to answer the question “what about me makes you proud?”

In total, 17 pairs of people, young and old, came to their studio over the course of one day, with no idea of what they were about to do. The answers are a poignant example of this unique bond – some are funny, most are incredibly endearing and remarkably heartfelt.

Reynold’s vision for the project was to inspire people to say how they feel, and she hopes people will watch this video and express themselves to their loved ones before it’s too late.

“We’re hoping they’ll pick up the phone and call their dads, and then use the #TellThemNow hashtag to broadcast to the world why they’re grateful to their dad,” says Reynolds. “Vulnerability and gratitude can crack us open in the best of ways.”

Watch the video below:

[youtube id=”aSnKNXuw5TE”]



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