Vancouver Fashion Week’s Opening Gala at Opus Hotel!

First off, thank you to Vancitybuzz for sending a doe-eyed rookie like me to Vancouver Fashion Week’s Opening Gala at the Opus Hotel last night. Fellow writer Jenica and I arrived to see a mini line already forming (we weren’t even fashionably late!).

We got in around 7:30 or so with appys flowing and sequins glowing. The night only got more cray from that moment on, there were media folks, champagne, and music blasting throughout all of Opus. Saw a few friends, did a little mingling then I was whisked upstairs, to a… private event? Oh how socialite of me.

These walls were lined with felt pattern, love love love. Tres chic!

Upstairs in the penthouse suite was a room full of more fabulous people, lots of bubbly and donuts! I didn’t know fashion people ate, I was told their diet consisted of Vogue and Moet. Nonetheless I was happy to make myself comfortable. Inside the sleeping area was a collection all hung and ready for viewing, or in my case, for trying on. Shhh, not sure if I was even suppose to touch it!

We headed back downstairs to do some people watching and I got a snap that I thought you might enjoy. A non full body shot, total fashion faux pas I get it but this was as far as a I could back away to take a photo. Red denim? Need I remind you of the article I wrote the other day on this trend? Read here.

Yours truly & Peter of TheStarving Stylist / Lynn, Veeezy, and Kieu

The night went on with no real agenda so I did what I do best, chopped it up with my friends, made some new ones, and posed for the flashes; like a true pro of course. It was definitely a new scene to me, not sure if it’s my scene… thank goodness for running into friends and champagne. Thanks again to VanFashion Week, Vancitybuzz and the Opus Hotel for hosting the opening gala. I’m off to shows tonight, tomorrow and Friday. Say you’ll keep in touch and return for my show recaps?  See you soon xoxo.

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