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Dec 19 2017, 3:54 am

Line and Sky is an emerging clothing company that is run out of Vancouver by local guys with ties to Montreal. Their graphic tees are inspired by the skylines of both cities. The concept originated from the two components of the word ‘skyline,’ as they are complete opposites. Sky representing limitless freedom while Lines imply borders and confinement.

We will be holding a contest with the guys at Line and Sky tomorrow so stay tuned for that. In the mean time check out our interview with them and go visit their website. Their on-line store just launched today!

VcB: Line and Sky, that’s a unique name could you elaborate more on how that name was chosen?

L and S: The name Line and Sky was inspired by the word ‘skyline,’ as the majority of the graphic design I had been doing was based on them. When its broken up, the two components of the word are complete opposites. Lines are considered borders and boundaries while the Sky represents a sort of limitless freedom. This took my initial concept and love of skylines to another level, branded it so to speak.

VcB: What made you want to get involved in designing clothes?

L and S: I’ve always been interested in graphic design and designing tees especially. When I was in high school I went to staples and bought a 10-pack of those iron on t-shirt transfers. When people seemed to really like the shirts I was wearing I got more into it.

VcB: How long has it taken to get from the initial idea to product launch?

L and S: We were recently students in Montreal with limited cash flow so we spent a good 6 months printing only 20 shirts at a time, then selling them to friends and whoever would want them. Some of the shirt designs we’re actually originally murals that I painted on the walls of my apartment over the past couple years. We moved back to our hometown of Vancouver this May and that’s when things really got rolling. The business has been set up with a great team, suppliers in place and the website is just about ready to fully launch. So it seems likes its been a long road but things have been moving pretty quickly and are looking great.

VcB: Lately Vancouver seems to be coming into its own with a lot of home grown talent in the fashion industry any takes on why that might be?

L and S: I’ve noticed that too, and I can think of a reason why. Vancouver is such a diverse city and the styles you see everyday on the street represent that. When you mix that with all the talented creative Vancouverites out there your bound to start seeing more and more local brands and designers. Whether it be in a store in Gastown or on an international scale. We just hope to be apart of that and represent Vancity.

VcB: Where can one buy a Line and Sky Tee?

L and S: Good question!As we’re just officially launching now there will be a little wait before you can pick up Line&Sky at your favourite clothing store. So in the meantime were setting up an online store New shirts will be released over the next month online so keep checking back for the latest designs. Nevertheless we plan on being in stores from Victoria to Montreal soon, so just keep checking the website for updates.

VcB: Being that your designs are based on Skylines, could the future see tee’s with NYC, Chicago and Hong Kong skylines just to name a few?

L and S: Yeah for sure. They’re on the horizon, however we’re keeping it local for the time being. The current designs are based off of the skylines of Vancouver and Montreal (the right half is Van and the left is Montreal). I recently went to NYC and believe me there was lots of inspiration, but that’s all I can tell you for now.

VcB: What’s your Favourite thing about Vancouver

L and S: Lots to choose from. I have to say not many things beat a July afternoon at Spanish Banks. Although I think I might be forced to say its skyline, ya know?

VcB: Besides Line and Sky who do you think is doing it big in Vancity?

L and S: There’s a lot of good local stuff out there right now, really like ‘Baked in B.C.’ Clever local brand, not too big yet but worth checking out.

VcB: Baked in B.C., I’ll have to look into that, so you guys have some crazy Line and Sky shades in many of your photos on your site and facebook page will you be selling those as well?

L and S: Yeah the shades were a hit this summer, and they will be available for next summer, don’t worry.We’re gonna wait til the rainy months are outta the way first.

VcB: Tell the people of Vancity why they should get a Line and Sky tee?

L and S: We’re all about designs and colours that let people know where the roots of the brand are. That’s an aspect of the company that we’re proud of, and by getting a tee your reppin your city and supporting something local.Oh and you’ll look great.

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