Vancouver Expected to Feel the Heat in July

Record highs this weekend and beyond set to replace June’s record lows in our beautiful city!

We all know how disappointing this past June was for Vancouver weather – record low temperatures and even less sunshine had all of us fuming from under our rain jackets. Nearly ready to give up and leave, many Vancouverites became enormously frustrated, bringing a general disinterest in our beautiful city to the forefront.

However, good news is on the way. According to the CBC, record high temperatures are expected in the coming days. Stemming from the ridiculous weather reports in southern Ontario and Quebec, the heat wave is set to bring temperatures in the low-to-mid forties (degrees Celsius) for the upcoming week.

Looking to beat the heat? If you plan on going outside at all over the next while, do not forget to apply sunscreen! Skin cancer is one of the number one dangers for young people worldwide, so count yourself among the educated rather than the victims: wear and reapply sunscreen as necessary!

Those that intend on taking advantage of the weather with a long cycle or run, remember to keep your water bottles filled and cool as to not fall victim to heatstroke. Try and stay in the shade on the hottest days if possible, and avoid heavy physical activity during the peak temperature periods. If you’re looking for some solid beach time, don’t forget your tanning lotion and remember to stay awake!

This weekend marks the 35th annual Vancouver Folk Festival, so be sure to take the appropriate precautions if you’re planning to be out on Kits and Jericho beaches this weekend. If you are planning on drinking slightly more intoxicating beverages, ensure to match each glass with the same volume of water – this will work well to prevent dehydration and keep you from suffering from the eponymous hangover. If you do find yourself falling victim to the hangover bug, make sure to stay out of the sun until your symptoms completely subside. Doing so will ensure a successful weekend for you and your friends!

Look to the bike paths to find yours truly this weekend!

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