Vancouver Events: War Room's "Mad Men in the City"

Dec 19 2017, 7:45 am

Last Saturday evening, a group of successful business-minded individuals came together to celebrate the act of good-hearted fun. In a casual environment conducive to letting loose and allowing certain qualities to shine, War Room Inc hosted its annual “Mad Men in the City” gala at its very own headquarters near Granville Island.

War Room Inc. is a local Vancouver production company that produces online and video marketing material for all kinds of local businesses. Being in the business world themselves, and constantly being in contact with stiff collared, business-oriented individuals, War Room has become dedicated to opening its doors – effectively letting everyone into the war room – for an evening of no-rules, no-restrictions fun. And yes, this kind of fun did include attractive women modeling bikinis – but what kind of real fun doesn’t?

But the bikini’s from Vancouver’s boutique, Dolce Amore, was just the tip of the iceberg. War room did a fantastic job of arranging a stream of entertainment to catapult the evening to its highest energies, which included free-flowing beer from Coal Harbor Brewing, live acoustic music from talented locals like Jeff Higgins (you can find him at Granville Island!), and even a manicurist tucked away in the corner for some one-on-one girly fun.


But an evening is not quite complete – and a party is not quite successful – until its guests can leave feeling inspired. And with a slight buzz from the earlier events of the evening, everyone in the room quieted down when Dr. John Izzo stepped up to the mic to bestow upon the room his profound words of wisdom. And so he did.

The author and professional speaker began his story by telling the room of his previous project for the Biography Channel. The project was on one of the most interesting and mysterious topics known to man: happiness. During this project, Dr. John Izzo interviewed elderly people from all different walks of life. From CEOs, to Poets, to Holocaust survivors, John discovered that happiness comes down to a few key ingredients.

Sharing his discoveries, the event began to take on a new meaning. All of the guests, I’m certain, went home that evening with only three things on their minds: how to gain the courage to go after their dreams, how to focus on giving back to the world instead of taking from it, and how to look that damn good – or how to get a girl who looks that damn good – in a bikini.

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