Vancouver events company takes stress out of planning a surprise

Dec 19 2017, 11:17 pm

Pulling off the perfect surprise takes a lot of work. Sometimes the idea appears better in our head or execution doesn’t go according to plan. That’s why Rebecca Aftergood recently started Surprise Me Events, Vancouver’s only surprise event planning service.

We all know the scene: someone walks into a dark room, flicks on the light and their friends jump out from behind furniture yelling “surprise!” What we don’t see is everything that happened leading up to that special moment.

Planning a surprise party is ruined if one person lets it slip, and keeping the plans for a date night hidden is especially tough if you live together. What about the ultimate proposal? There is only one shot to get it right.

“Some guys ask, ‘when it comes to a proposal shouldn’t I do it myself?’” says Aftergood, “and to that I say no!”

She wants her clients to know that it’s still their event and it stays true to their personality and plan, but she alleviates any stress associated with making sure it goes well.

Date day (Surprise Me Events)

Date day (Surprise Me Events)

The steps to enlisting her services are simple:

  1. Consultation: meet face-to-face to discuss a budget and overall vision.
  2. Questionnaire: determine who the person is the client wants to surprise, such as their likes and dislikes, their ideal date, etc.
  3. Planning: Aftergood begins sourcing materials and ideas, with no stress or heavy decision making on the client’s shoulders.

With a strong knowledge of the city’s vibrant hot spots, festivals or low-key venues, Aftergood will contact companies and restaurants to start setting up the series of stops for the special occasion. She will then create a Google map with points that lead her clients through the day or evening.

“The week before I shop for decorations, order flowers and food, all the while updating the client as I go,” she says. “On the day of the surprise, I pick up everything I need to pick up and I set up. The date night surprises are generally in the home, so we scheme to get the partner out of the house and then I sneak in, set up and leave.”

Anniversary (Surprise Me Events)

Anniversary (Surprise Me Events)

Surprise Me Events gives people all of the excitement of knowing something unexpected is coming for their loved one without the guilt or stress associated with putting it together in secrecy. Inconsistent behaviour in a partner can sometimes lead to suspicion, and suspicion is the kiss of death for any surprise.

“It’s especially difficult when you’re living with the person you want to surprise. Where do you hide the food? Where do you put the decorations? Do you have to take a day off work to set everything up? Every text message you get, you’re hiding your phone,” she says. “You almost feel like a cheater, even though you are doing it for the other person.”

Dinner date

Dinner date (Surprise Me Events)

A unique feature by Surprise Me Events is the “Surprise Us,” option for people who both want to be surprised.

“Why should one person have to miss out?” says Aftergood. “They both get an awesome night planned for them but neither of them know what’s going to happen next. They just get a schedule of where they need to be and when.”


Birthday party

Birthday party (Surprise Me Events)

While planning the perfect surprise may require a bit of extra help, the moment it’s revealed is one that belongs solely to the lover or friends involved.

When a loved one walks into a room full of roses and candles, it doesn’t matter that Aftergood was there to set it up. It matters that their partner thought to have it done.

When a friend is treated to a perfectly planned birthday celebration, it doesn’t matter that the points on the map were plotted by Aftergood. It matters that everyone is together and having a good time.

“I think the little things are the most memorable,” says Aftergood. “I love doing this. It’s so fun and I get so much joy from someone else’s joy.”

Surprise Me Events

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Rebecca Aftergood

Rebecca Aftergood (Surprise Me Events)

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