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Dec 19 2017, 9:47 pm

We start off strong, committed and determined.  Two weeks in and we begin to justify skipping that workout and having an extra cheat meal. All but a month goes by and the gym becomes that forgotten land, far, far away.  Sound familiar?  Enter FITPLAN, the mobile app that aims to be just a tap away, working alongside you to accomplish all of your health and fitness goals.

Who are you? Tell us about your business and what inspired you to create it.

My name is Cam Speck and my partner Landon Hamilton and I are the co-founders of FITPLAN, the ultimate fitness and nutrition app. We are both extremely passionate about health and fitness and have pulled from our twenty years combined experience in physical training and nutrition to create a professional fitness plan that can give everyone access to the most efficient and affordable methods to reach their health and fitness goals.

What has been the most challenging part about running this business and how have you addressed it?

Taking a great idea and transforming it into a viable business is challenging. Initially, we had to be open to redefining our product based on a continual analysis of our market. Building a working team with long term vision and securing investors are ongoing challenges. We are using the same strategy of clearly communicating our company’s unique product and approach to inspire and attract both team players and investors. Accepting challenges as opportunities has helped us define our business.

How has Vancouver’s rising startup community played a role in the development of Total Fitness?

Vancouver has a unique combination of factors to support our success including angel investors, accelerators like Wavefront, a high density of tech entrepreneurs and engineers, great schools pumping out more multi-talented grads every year and an attitude that  supports entrepreneurial endeavors.

Question 4

What core problem is your company specifically solving and/or what’s the main value you provide?

FITPLAN enables subscribers to choose specific workouts and nutritional information from various icons within the industry. We offer time efficient, challenging and personalized information from well respected fitness leaders. It also allows world famous trainers an opportunity to monetize their social media followers without expense or overhead.

How did you end up becoming an entrepreneur and what challenges did you personally overcome to succeed?

We have always been passionate about health and fitness, taking care of our bodies and being able to maximize the benefits of eating healthy and training hard. We want to share with others what we have learned and to create a company that can help people reach their health and fitness goals. There is a moment, as an entrepreneur when you fully commit and for us that meant relocating to Vancouver to access the tools we need to grow our business. Establishing ourselves in a new city with a primary focus has created some financial challenges but the rewards in terms of lifestyle and support have been enormous.

Question 6

What entrepreneur has inspired you the most for running your business and what makes them so special?

Elon Musk because he is not afraid to tackle hard problems and he has a tenacious vision for what is possible.

What Vancouver celebrity/influencer would you most be excited to have as a member of the team and why?

Steve Nash because he has successfully grown his personal brand into a fitness industry power house in Vancouver.

If you could tell your younger self something what would it be?

Dream bigger because with the right attitude and ethics, nothing is out of reach.

What are some accessible resources used and winning habits you have developed to learn and grow as an entrepreneur?

Wavefront has been an invaluable resource for us. Being surrounded by like-minded, creative people all striving to build their companies from the ground up is exhilarating. Because our business has come out of our lifestyle, we stay fit and healthy and are always examining our market.

Question 10

What’s your advice for current or future entrepreneurs?

Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. Don’t get tunnel-visioned, think outside the box and be flexible. Surround yourself with inspiring, like-minded people who support and challenge you. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, it’s what you create with those hours that makes the difference.


With your success in mind and a focus on ease of use and accessibility, FITPLAN by Total Fitness brings you all the right tools, placing your very own personal fitness and nutrition coach in the palm of your hands.

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