Vancouver Doesn't Rank in Latest Livable City Study

Many Vancouverites may be surprised to find out that our fair city dropped out of the top ten “livable/best” cities list. In fact Vancouver didn’t even rank in the recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s survey. The honours of the top city go to Hong Kong. However, it should be noted that this study/survey,  compiled by architect and urban planner, Filippo Lovato interprets data in a new manner. In the other study, Vancouver routinely places in the top five liveable city’s on the planet as it did last year.

Vancouver, Melbourne and Vienna, routinely top livable city lists, however,  “spatially adjusted” liveability saw their ranks fall. This method, selected in the competition, looked at green space, urban sprawl, pollution, isolation, cultural assets and other “spacial” aspects.

“Hong Kong, the winner, is a very compact city that has managed to maintain its natural heritage, create a dense network of green spaces and enjoy extensive links to the rest of the world,” said Lovato. That is why it was on top. Surprised to see that New York City didn’t crack the top ten.

‘Spatially adjusted’ most livable cities according to The Economist:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Osaka
  4. Paris
  5. Sydney
  6. Stockholm
  7. Berlin
  8. Toronto
  9. Munich
  10. Tokyo