Vancouver waterfront dining

Dec 19 2017, 5:46 am

On a perfectly clear, mild evening, my good friend Jamie and I headed down to enjoy a quiet sunset dinner… on a cruise.

With hundreds of dining options in Vancouver, sometimes its nice to get away for a different experience. And only a skip, a hop, and a jump from the city is the dock to Harbour Cruises, our host for the evening.

The story of Harbour Cruises Ltd. goes all the way back to 1911, when the company began operating small ferry boats on the Fraser River. Today, it is Vancouver’s leading boat cruise company.

The atmosphere on the vessel was that of a floating restaurant and bar. The scenic views began from the harbour and did not disappoint throughout the entire two and a half hour journey.

The calm inlet water provided smooth sailings throughout the tour. Our fantastic server, Maria, provided guests with information on the area through announcements. As the vessel sailed, she pointed out the mountains in range: Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour. Jamie and I noticed, we were probably the only two locals on board.

“I never knew something like this existed in the city,” Jamie said to me at one point, while sipping on wine and taking in the views. “It’s a good escape from the city.” He is born and bred in Vancouver, and his excitement on board spoke volumes.

I, on the other hand, am not originally from Vancouver. And would usually be very happy having dinner on stable ground.

But my adventures keep taking me away from familiarity, and dinner on a cruise was definitely a new experience.

Maria explained to us that the guests are almost 70 percent tourists, as local residents tend to charter the vessels more often.

Both single, Jamie and I discussed the idea of bringing dates on Harbour Cruises. The cruise sets a very romantic setting, especially with the live music on board. Couples would dine away from the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying the scenery and sunset (if the Vancouver weather cooperates). It’s a date adventure even a city girl like me would appreciate.

The food on board is professionally catered by Just Right Catering, serving a delicious west coast themed buffet. Good food, good views, good company, it was the best combination for a Friday evening.

The dinner vessel cruised under the Lions Gate Bridge, through to English Bay and by Granville Island. Cameras were out the entire evening, although ironically enough, I think Jamie and I took the most photos. On several occasions we even asked Maria, who was behind the bar, to snap our photos, “Could you please take our picture?”.

As the sun began to set, and we sailed back to the harbour, I stood outside the lower deck in my maxi summer dress and peep-toe wedges (shoes, for my male readers) and I couldn’t help but marvel at the magnificent city landscape. Vancouver is truly gorgeous, especially from the water. Harbour Cruises offers Fireworks Cruise, Vancouver Harbour Tours, the Carol Ship Dinner Cruise, and the Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise. All the adventures are on the water, giving residents local adventures and short getaways from everyday city life.

Approaching the end of our tour, we finished our drinks and stood out on the deck next to a couple of British tourists. Jamie and I attempted to take some self-portrait photos, but failed miserably. With the magnificent views of the city quickly approaching, I smacked on my lipgloss, turned to the happy tourists next to us and asked, “Could you please take our picture?”.

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