6 things this Vancouver developer is doing differently (and why you should care)

Sep 25 2018, 5:41 pm

Real estate continues to be one seriously hot topic in Vancouver. And with new developments popping up throughout the city, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to investing in a new home.

When you visit open house after open house to find much of the same at each location, it’s easy to lose faith and wonder if you’ll ever find a place that you’ll love from the very beginning. This is because (no judgement) a lot of developers are following the same trends.

You know what we’re talking about; the exclusive, the boutique collection, the plush interiors, the things you expect in a hotel stay. Well, now one local developer has decided to challenge the norm and build townhomes to suit your everyday life in ways that actually matter.

Nexst Properties is building a selection of 15 well-appointed townhomes at Woodstock at Oakridge. Of course, the homes have a sophisticated architectural design, but they also bring harmony to both form and function. Before we say any more, let’s take a look at what this Vancouver developer is doing differently.

Focusing on design with functionality

By now, you’ve probably visited a showhome or two where you’ve thought to yourself: “Where do I leave my shoes?” as soon as you enter the house. That’s because most new homes don’t have a casual area where you can store and remove footwear, even though pretty much everyone needs one.

Nexst Properties have factored this in and have integrated the concept of a mudroom at Woodstock. This means you, your family, or your roommates can come home, kick off your shoes in a place that doesn’t obstruct everyone else, and get into relaxation mode faster.

Creating thoughtful, integrated kitchens

The kitchen is somewhere you spend time every single day, and Woodstock at Oakridge pays special attention to the fact. The orientation of the kitchen at Woodstock has been re-designed, allowing it to function more like a single-family home.

This opens up space to the dining and living areas, as opposed to a typical condo-style kitchen where the main counter is in between your kitchen and dining area. Instead, this design allows you to flow naturally from where you prep and cook to where you dine and entertain. An integrated dining table will also save you the trouble of shopping for a table when you move in.

Sleek and blissful bathrooms

When it comes to the washrooms, homes at Woodstock at Oakridge have fully tiled walls, wall hung toilets and floating vanities for a sleek and modern look while making cleaning an ease. No more getting down and dirty (on your hands and knees) to clean.

As for the showers, they’re curbless, so you don’t have to awkwardly step to get in, meaning you won’t trip or stub your toe when you’re just trying to get your day started with a hot shower. It’s always fun to know your house doesn’t secretly hate you.

The shower itself has a large rain head that cascades over you like a warm blanket of tranquillity. Nexst Properties have added this touch so you’ll feel like you just walked into a tropical rain shower.

Rooftop patios that anticipate your needs

Vancouver prides itself on being the outdoor, green hub of Canada yet very few units have true outdoor patio spaces. Woodstock at Oakridge has decided to challenge this by creating rooftop patios that are already set up for your BBQ and hot tub with quick-connect gas, power, and plumbing. All you need to do is get your essentials and arrange a date to entertain your guests.

Eliminating barriers for potential buyers

Why should potential buyers have to prove themselves worthy? This isn’t a reality dating show, yet how often have you heard of someone lining up at a sales centre or bringing a bank draft for the benefit of buying real estate? As Nexst Properties puts it, there are no other consumer products on the market where you have to prove yourself worthy of purchasing like that.

That’s why Nexst doesn’t require a sign in at their sales centre, and you’re allowed to leave whatever contact information you want to give on their website. They contact those interested on a first come, first served basis. There’s no profiling or VIP service, just a simple, honest, and equal opportunity for everyone.

Streamlining the marketing side of things

Nexst Properties don’t believe in fancy project names like dynasty, unicorn, or rainbows. That’s why all of their projects are named after the street that they’re on and the area they’re in. So you can come to a conclusion real quick if you’re interested in learning more.

Curious to find out more? Visit Nexst Properties now.