Vancouver start-up aims to condense a “days-worth of coding" into 15-minutes of work

Nov 7 2019, 11:54 am

The hushed winds surrounding over the past few years finally started to howl this week as they descended from the coding heavens to deliver their fresh work — “cheat sheets” for code writers. has been quietly developing and testing their Ops Platform within a growing community of early adopters.On Tuesday, in a blog post by Founder Kyle Campbell the company announced its Community Beta. 

In the world of coding, writing lines, and development, nothing seems to add more stress to the day-to-day than trying to figure things out. Rather than frothing at the mouth when it comes to the unrealistic expectations placed on finding their own Tank (you know, from the Matrix), development teams can now — rather easily — lift some of the weight crushing their workforces. 

Using group project tactics open to the world of coders, adopts integration with platforms like Slack, AWS, and GitHub to allow users to create or borrow “shortcuts” designed to cut down on writing time. Often, the majority of writers’ days are spent writing process code, which hopes to turn into a 15-minute exercise in searching, then plugging in. 

In a conversation with TechCrunch’s Josh Constine, Cambell says that wants to be “the easy button” for developer tools. “Building tools that streamline software development is really expensive for companies, especially when they need their developers focused on building features,” said Cambell. 

Within a single hub, coders can cut the fat on their tedious work, leaving one of the most crucial team members with the freedom and time to actually finish all of those other tasks — arguably more important ones — that have been piling up on their desk.

By automating infrastructure and pipeline challenges, gifts development teams the ability to share the simple and custom workflows that everyone may need, and no one should be writing out by hand every time. In the short term, this is a great tool for engineers of all kinds to shave hours off of their already busy schedules. 

Whether teams use the to create and automate their own procedures, or they pull from the pool of sequences created by other patrons of the portal and the team themselves, there are a million ways to use this tool to boost productivity. 

With a recent seven-figure investments from the Slack Fund — kicked off by a random chance meeting between Founder Cambell, and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield — there’s a very strong chance that has the runway to gain a significant advantage on opposing cloud and infrastructure developers.

“We believe the success of a technology-driven organization is in the hands of its development teams, and that automating important workflows can radically change the growth trajectory of every software company,” writes Cambell on the blog. “We’re determined to accelerate our mission to enable $100 billion of developer productivity by 2030.”

To find out more about how you could change your productivity visit, or catch them at one of the many major developer conferences around the globe. Be sure to also listen to their podcast, if/else, available wherever you download podcasts.