Finding the perfect bridesmaids on Craigslist

Dec 19 2017, 11:16 am

When in doubt, turn to Craigslist for all your wedding needs. Well, at least that’s what one bride is doing. This bride-to-be has one popular husband, who has six groomsmen, and she’s in need of five more bridesmaids.

I need bridesmaids for my wedding, I already have one but I’m 5 short. The groom is really popular and already has 6 groomsmen and I want the wedding pictures to look nice so we need an even number.

Must be willing to appear at all events (Between Aug 24-30)
No one taller than one 5’5 or shorter than 5’0
Must be sizes 0-6 (I buy the dresses)
Must be a good liar and actor
Must be willing to memorize info about me
Preferably speaks Punjabi
An agreeable personality, from a respectable family
Must be anywhere from 27-33 years old
Must be attractive but not too attractive

You will have a higher chance of being considered if you send a picture. Must be willing to do an interview.

P.S Free food and drinks.

craigslist bridesmaids

Sounds like a good gig. Plus free food and drinks, and it looks like you can get paid too! See the listing / apply here.


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