Vancouver Craft Beer Week May 10-16

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 am

When I first heard about this event, I wondered why Vancouver didn’t hold such an event before. I also wondered if the acronym stood for VanCity Buzz Week, but obviously that doesn’t exist, yet.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) is a celebration of the craft beer culture. The Vancouver Craft Beer Week organizing committee is proud to announce the first ever beer week in Canada. Running from May 10 – 16, Vancouver Craft Beer Week will showcase craft beer culture as well as the finest restaurants and event locations Vancouver has to offer.

Now I know what many of you are thinking, what is Craft Beer? Well let me enlighten you, Craft beer is brewed using traditional methods without improper adjuncts, such as rice or corn, resulting in a beverage with a distinctive, full flavour. Local pioneer breweries, such as Granville Island Brewing, reintroduced the concept of craft beer to B.C. Newcomers, like Central City and Driftwood, are building on that foundation and taking it to a wider audience.

• The BCLDB reports craft beer sales grew 15% in 2009
• Craft beer drinkers are generally older and have a higher income

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is a celebration of craft beer culture from May 10 – 16. Local craft breweries and establishments will team up to showcase the ever-growing craft beer phenomenon in our great city. Each day of the week will have a signature event, as well as multiple craft beer functions attended by international and local craft beer authorities. Signature events include the BC Beer Awards, Women and Beer, Homebrew Competition and Seminar, opening and closing celebrations.

• Destined to become BC’s premier craft beer event, a major revenue generator for the local hospitality and tourism industry
• Projected to attract craft beer fans from the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Bellingham, Seattle and Tacoma.

Why have Vancouver Craft Beer Week? Although Vancouver has always had a strong craft beer culture, the recent explosion of consumer demand has resulted in a need for the celebration of that culture. Spurned on by the go local movement, more and more consumers have turned to craft beer as an alternative to mass produced products from major corporations. With this in mind the Vancouver Craft Beer Week organizing committee has set out to further the exposure of not only craft breweries, but the consumers, restaurants, and other businesses that support them.

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