This local company wants to give you cash for your old smartphones

Oct 13 2020, 5:43 pm

It’s that time of year again: the latest iPhone models, the iPhone 12 series, are officially out.

With that, you might be considering swapping out your current device for the newest technology. Something to keep in mind before you toss your phone to the side is that it probably holds a lot more value than you might think.

Vancouver-based company Sphere is offering a considerably better alternative to trading in your phone than the headache that comes with meeting up with strangers on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

In addition to scoring some cash towards a mobile upgrade, you’ll get more value for your old device than if you trade it in with your carrier.

Their trade-in website offers an easy exchange process that involves their team sending you a prepaid shipping kit (free of cost) for you to place your phone in and send back. Once your phone has been received and assessed, payment is processed and sent directly to you. Sphere provides different payment options — cheque, e-transfer, or PayPal — so you can spend your money however you want.

The first step is heading to their website to determine the value of your current or old phone. You simply have to select the model, carrier, and condition of your device for an estimated payout to be generated. If you choose to accept the offer, the shipping kit will be sent to your address, or they’ll email you a shipping label to print out.

In the event that you have a bunch of old devices laying around from previous years, it’s a great opportunity to cash them in, while also getting the peace of mind that they’re being put to good use.

In fact, it’s the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of old devices. On top of missing out on the cash benefits, simply discarding them means they end up in landfills, releasing toxic waste into the earth.

Sadly, electronics actually account for up to 70% of the toxic waste found in landfills — a shocking number that should give us all pause when deciding how to dispose of electronics that are no longer in use.

Trade-ins are available for an array of different models, across iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as iPads and Apple Watches.

Sphere aims to provide a smooth and easy service for helping people get rid of — and make some extra spending money off of — devices that are otherwise sitting around collecting dust.

With the recent release of the iPhone 12 series, the best time to do it is now as the value of smartphones will only continue to depreciate. Earn some cash towards your next upgrade by heading to to get a quote on your old or current devices.

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