Vancouver Comedy Fest opening gala

Dec 19 2017, 7:02 am

The Comedy Fest Opening Night Gala had an amazing turn out. The Centre was at near capacity with a mostly older, high falutin crowd in suits and snazzy dresses leaving me feeling out of place in my weathered 37 year old body sporting sneakers and an equally worn-in hoody.

This kind of turn out was no doubt because it was hosted by one of the greatest Canadian comics of all time, Martin Short – who’s been doing comedy at a respectable level longer than I’ve been potty trained. Comedic work horse is the only thing that comes to mind when talking about Martin… I haven’t been able to do anything with consistent focus for more than… So anyways.

The show kicked off with his greatest hits highlight reel ,which he then followed by sauntering out on stage with a massive presence. Off the top he sang us all a song before he did about 10-15 minutes of funny . One of my favorite moments was seeing the 62 yr old Short sprawl himself sexily across the grand piano. I thought to myself, I hope I have this kind of energy when I’m his age.

Crazy famous people aside, I was really there to see one person and one person only, Phil Hanley, who is not only one of my favorite comics he is a former Vancouver resident. Not only that but we’re facebook friends. If it sounds like I’m bragging, I am and we’ve also shared a number of very uncomfortable moments together while I was trying my hand at comedy. Anyways, this is not a write up about “a has been/could have been comic,” this is a post about The AMAZING TIME I had at The Comedy Fest Opening Night Gala which wraps up Feb 17th with Marc Maron.

Written by comedian Donovan Mahoney. You can follow him on twitter @Donovanpee