Vancouver City Councillor starts Twitter campaign for permanent love locks location

Dec 19 2017, 11:13 am

Earlier this week, Vancouver City Council locked out NPA Councillor George Affleck’s idea to have staff explore a suitable permanent location for the city’s love locks.

Vancity Buzz first suggested the idea in May after we came across a chain-linked fence decorated with love locks on the seawall at Northeast False Creek, just east of the Plaza of Nations. However, that display has since been taken down, which also comes after last year’s dismantling of the love locks on the Burrard Street Bridge for fear of locks falling onto the boats below.

The whole concept of ‘love locks’ first began in the 2000s at Paris, France where lovebirds began to write their names on a lock and then secure it onto a public place such as a fence or bridge. It symbolizes the immortalization of a couples’ love in a public way and has quickly become a global phenomenon.

However, with the weight that masses of locks can bear, the locks are also seen as a public safety hazard. In Paris, tens of thousands of locks cover the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge, to the point that a section of railing collapsed from the weight last month. Falling locks and rust from the locks that spreads onto the bridge structure are also seen as another hazard in the ongoing debate of whether the act should be banned at the French capital.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, Affleck believes that this is a great way for the city to break its ‘No Fun City’ moniker and it could be an added opportunity for tourism.

“The love locks in the city have happened organically and spontaneously so I think there’s definitely a desire to have a permanent location in Vancouver,” Affleck told Vancity Buzz.

Although the Vision Vancouver dominated City Council has decided not to grant him the required staff time to pursue a proper location, Affleck has been given the green light to pursue the idea alone.

The Vancouver Park Board is expected to discuss possible locations at its next meeting. He is also asking the public to Tweet out their permanent location ideas on Twitter.

You can Tweet your ideas to @George_Affleck with hashtag #vanlovelocks.


Featured Image: Paris love locks via Shutterstock