Vancouver Cheap Eats: Yaletown

When you think of affordable areas to eat in Vancouver, Yaletown probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Fine dining, world-renown chefs, and high-end lounges quickly make 5 bucks look like mere pennies (which isn’t saying much since they don’t exist anymore).

But like a sunny break during a heavy rainstorm, Vancouver is full of surprises. Yes, even yuppies like to eat cheap once in a while. So grab your purse dog and open your mouths to the $5 finds Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are about to unfold.

Romers Burger Bar 


We don’t mean to cause a panic, BUT YOU HAVE TO HEAD TO ROMER’S BURGER BAR THIS WEEKEND. Actually, we’ll rephrase that. Make that every weekend for the rest of May, because if you haven’t taken advantage of the $5 benny’s, then you have only four more Saturday and Sundays to do so, as this deal expires May 31st.



At first glance we thought there was no way a place like this would offer anything for fewer than 5 bucks. And we were right…until we found the loophole called Tuesday.  Everything on the food menu is 50% off, which means the famous mac n’ cheese balls come under a blue bill. Eat them on the patio and you’ve got yourself a sweet little deal.


Roll over here before 11:30am and you’ll find a breakfast good enough for any yuppie. The $4.95 Super Deluxe is stuffed with goodies like scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon or ham. Or there’s the Traditional Breakfast for $3.95 with cheese, eggs, and a mild sauce. If you’re one of those late risers, there’s soup to slurp on for $3.25-$4.50.


This closet-sized restaurant always has Yaletowners flocking for their cheap and cheerful sushi rolls. Each one is just a couple of bucks and they never skimp on salmon or tuna portions. When you want decent sushi on the cheap, Yamato is definitely a place to bring your chopsticks.

Urban Thai Bistro

We like how Urban Thai Bistro keeps track of time. Forget 60 minutes, Happy Hour is from 3 to 6:30pm every day. Chow on calamari, vegetarian spring rolls, and ginger or red curry wings for $5.

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