Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top Vegetarian spots for under $5

Dec 19 2017, 3:11 pm

We’re not going to beat around the bush here (though you’ll see why that’s an appropriate metaphor). We’re just going to dive right in and tell you straight up what’s happening.

We’re going to be bold, blunt, and upfront. No procrastinating here, just the honest-to-goodness truth.

After all, they always say that honesty is the best policy, so we’re going to be candid, frank, and forthright.

We’re not going to stall any longer.

We’re just going to say it loud and proud.

Here we go.

Like a Band-Aid. Do it once and it’s over with.


This week’s Top 5 Cheap Eats are all vegetarian. Some of them even vegan.

Now hold up, just relax carnivorous friends. We’re not turning our backs on bacon or asking you to sprout hemp.  Believe it or not, vegetarian food isn’t all about kale and tofu and salad bars. Oh wait, we do have one of those listed, but that’s beside the point.

Vegetarian food can be filling, delicious, even hearty. Which is why Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are bringing you some joints offering V-fare at affordable prices.

Sweet Cherubim

Sweet Cheribum1

With a slogan like “heavenly food at down to Earth prices” we had to cruise over The Drive and see for ourselves.  What we found is a bountiful selection of vegetarian and vegan eats and sweet treats for under a #ChowFind. We recommend the samosas. Fried or baked, they’re filled with either spinach and feta, chickpeas and rice, tofu and rice, or green potato and peas. Top it off with your choice of tamarind chutney, hot sauce, or green salsa. Decisions, decisions! Luckily at $3.50 a pop, you can try a different flavor combo every day of the week.

Choices Markets – Kitsilano


So we do have a salad bar listed, but we swear it’s the only one. Choices Market on West 16th is celebrating their new salad bar with a $1.99 special, and we’re more than happy to help christen it. So pile on the leafy greens and fill up with vitamins. Your mother will be so proud…or at least until March 16th when the special ends.

House of Dosas

A dosa is a staple in the South Indian diet and for $4.99, it’s a staple in ours as well. We best describe this as a savory version of a French crepe, but just a lot tastier. Plus any excuse to forego cutlery and get in there with our paws is always a win in our books.

Zaatar Mediterranean Hummus Bar

What to do when you’re wandering Downtown at 2am after copious amounts of…er…coffee? Head to Zaatar’s for a healthy late-night meal! There are plenty of Mediterranean salads (yes, we used the dreaded ‘S’ word again) like beet, baba ghanoush, and tabouleh. However, our stand-out menu items were the cauliflower dish, fried and topped with tahini sauce for $3.95, and the burekas, filled with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and served with tomato dip, broiled egg and pickles. Random? Absolutely. But it was filling and fewer than 4 bucks. Side note: how much fun was it saying baba ghanoush and burekas? No?? Just us, huh.

Everything Café

Everything cafe

So maybe this place doesn’t have everything, but they do have a breakfast veggie bun that dare we say even the meatiest of eaters would be happy to inhale. For $4.75, break the fast with caramelized mushrooms, organic scrambled eggs, fontina cheese, arugula, mustard and mayo. Or you can opt for the yogurt and house made granola for $3.95. However, if something has cheese and mayo on it, isn’t the decision already made for you?

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