Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 tailgate spots

Dec 19 2017, 6:59 am

Whether you’ve picked your favourite Harbaugh or are more interested to see if Beyonce lip synchs during the half time show, it’s unanimous that everyone will tune into Superbowl Sunday for two reasons: consuming beverages and grilling food.

While we usually prefer pucks over pigskin, any excuse to chow down on some classic cheap eats is good enough for us huddle our pennies while they’re still worth something.  So Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are pulling into the parking lot, popping the trunk, and making the rounds. Come join us, we’re having a tailgate party!

The Dime

The Dime


First down on our tailgating tour we’ll stop at The Dime on Commercial for the East Van Pulled Pork Sandwich. Slow cooked pork shoulder rubbed with red curry, slathered in barbecue sauce, and topped with green apple papaya slaw on a toasted bun. Along with fries, it’ll set you back less than yard at $4.95.

Woody’s on Brunette


Chicken wings and football go together like, well, chicken wings and football. When we posted about the Top 5 Chicken Wings, we had a couple of Chowsters tell us that we forgot to mention Woody’s, which serves 20 cent wings every day of the week. Sorry for the fumble, but we’ve learned our lesson and will touchdown on this tailgate.

Bronco Belle Texas BBQ


If Americans like football, than Texans love it, which is why it only seems logical to go by Bronco Belle Texas BBQ. There are two locations, one in Harbour Center and another in Brentwood Mall, and while both serve quarter pound deluxe burgers for $4.75, only Brentwood is serving up true tailgating eats with yam fries, bean fries, and various salads for under a fiver. Makes the extra few stops on the skytrain totally worth it.

Mean Poutine

Mean Poutine

Any tailgater knows that burgers alone on the grill without their slender counterpart would be a rookie mistake. Don’t let the name of this place fool you into thinking it’s only serving poutine, as it grills up a jumbo beef dog for $5. What’s a party without a kick back? The lunch special throws in a can of pop for the same price.

Café Deux Soleil

Cafe deux soleil

Who says vegetarians can’t tailgate? Appropriately named, you can warm up at this spot on The Drive with this tailgating classic chili. A small will come to $4.68 with tax.

Where else should we stop by on this tailgate tour? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure to tackle the cheap eat scene by adding your review.

Photo Credit: Small Girl Big PlateThe Frugal CoupleHideI like broccoli ; Food Spotting