Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 spots for Rice

Dec 19 2017, 3:09 pm

White, black or brown, we don’t care. As for size? It’s overrated.  Short, medium or long is all the same to us. Heck, we don’t even mind if it’s sticky. We’ll gladly lick every last bit, especially if it’s hot, steamy, and ready to be served.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about rice.

While some may look at it as a cheap filler, we see rice with the dignity, praise, and honor it deserves. It pairs with anything, absorbs every flavor, and soaks up each drop so that you don’t miss a thing. What meal is complete without carbohydrates? It’s like a cake without icing, fries without ketchup, or breakfast without bacon. Can you imagine? We just got shivers at the thought.

They’re selfless, those grains, so Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are bringing you some of the best #ChowFinds that are paired with the incomparable, unrivalled, and unmatched pile of goodness: rice.

Gain Wah Restaurant

Gain Wah

At this joint, you can choose from BBQ pork, duck, or chicken on rice for $4.25, or for an extra three quarters, Gain more with two items. While we’re not exactly known for our ballin’ tendencies, we say throw in a fiver and go for the latter. Where else are you going to find pigs and ducks harmoniously together than on the same plate?

Evelyn’s Café and Grill


Isn’t everything better fried? Our gal Evelyn thinks so, which is probably why she’s offering ham, chicken, or vegetarian fried rice on her menu for $4.75.

Kent’s Kitchen

Kent's Kitchen

Grab your ticket and get in line. Why? Steamed rice with two toppings like a roasted chicken leg and sautéed mushrooms for $4.50. Don’t ask any more questions, just Chow down.

Hon’s Wun Tun House

Hons Robson

Another place that knows just how much birds love rice, Hon’s is offering a bowl of BBQ pork, duck, or steamed chicken for $4.95. Feeling adventurous? Try the marinated squid.

Hapa Izakaya

Hapa Izakaya

At around 6:45pm in Yaletown, you’ll see some Chowsters rolling out of this place looking mighty full and hapa. It’s because they’ve chowed on the Kinoko, which has rice, mixed mushroom, and iwanori served in a hot stone bowl for $4.99. Catch it at this price between 5 and 6pm every day of the week.


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