Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 Sandwiches for under $5

There’s something nostalgic about sandwiches. No matter when, where, or how you grew up, chances are that once the clock struck twelve you headed straight for your lunch box to discover what your mother had packed so that you could trade it for something better to eat.

Though monkey bars and recess may not be our biggest concerns anymore (unfortunately), being an adult doesn’t mean that we have to skip out on the foods we grew up on. Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow have rounded up some pretty talented artists who know what they’re doing when given two pieces of bread.  One bite, and you wouldn’t even think of trading it for someone’s pudding snack. Plus it won’t cost your allowance.

Fraser Park Café

Fraser Park

With fresh ingredients and a made-from-scratch approach to cooking, this joint may be easy to miss but hard to forget. There are a whopping 12 sandwiches on their menu for an even fiver. So whether you’re craving turkey, beef, or schnitzel cradled between the organic Italian Ciabatta bun, you can do it all for a sweet deal.

Le Grotta del Formaggio

La Grotta

This Italian deli has earned a solid reputation on the Drive. It’s not uncommon to see line-ups of tummy talking Vancouverites just waiting to sink their teeth into each handcrafted specialty. With toppings like sundried tomatoes, pickled eggplant, and lactose-free Swiss cheese, enjoy a small meat or vegetarian sandwich suited just for your palette for a mere five bucks.

Emelle’s Westside Kitchen




When a catering company decides to open a restaurant, you better show up. Open Monday to Friday, we’ll give you two reasons why you’ll feel like a kid again: this classic grilled cheese sandwich, and the fact that it will only cost you five dollars.

Prophouse Cafe


Whoever put together the Prophouse Café menu must have known that if you build it, they will come. And for a price like $4.45, they will run. It’s appropriately called the Wreckbeach Sandwich as it starts out well, in the buff. Choose your bread, your meat, your cheese, your spread, and your veggies. Whether it’s salami or sundried tomato mayonnaise, the Prophouse doesn’t skimp.

Suzette’s Café


When it comes to beef and bread, do you prefer corned or roasted? If it’s mayonnaise you crave, would you rather it with tuna or egg? Be choosey at Suzette’s Café, as all options are fewer than a fiver.

So tell us, what’s in your lunch box? Tweet us what you’d stack between two slices of bread, or better yet like us and post a pic of your latest chow down.

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Photo Credits: I’m Only Here for the Food; Le Grotto Del Formaggio; Prophouse Cafe;