Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 Quesadillas for $5 or Less

What’s not to love about Mexican food? Crispy tortillas hug cascading portions of pollo or carne, all held together with oozing queso goodness. As if that wasn’t enough to get your tummy talking, it gets better: salsa, guacamole, and sour cream are considered condiments. Fiesta on a plate? Si, senor.

Typically tacos or burritos have become the go-to choices, rendering serious attention as the trendier choices to chow down on. This means that their flattened sibling often gets overlooked on the menu for their cuter, thinner amigos.

So Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are bringing some much-deserved spotlight to the equivalent of the Mexican grilled cheese sandwich. Quesadillas, take center stage: it’s your time to shine.

Sal Y Limon

Sal Y Limon Quesadilla

Sure, you could go for the tacos for less than three bucks, but why not think outside the shell and go for their cheesy Quesadilla counterpart?  Spend $4.25 on the Sencilla (translation: lots of cheese) or $4.75 on the Queso Y Frijoles (cheese and beans). Slathered with their salsas, they’re the perfect little cheap eat triangles.



10 gorgeous inches of tortillas grilled to perfection and served with the usual fare for dipping (salsa and sour cream. Obvi.). Whether you’re into corn, beef, or chicken, your wallet won’t sweat it past $4.75.



You’ll get more than just queso stuffed in these half moons, as Adelitas serves their vegetarian quesadillas with seasonal vegetables and topped with sour cream. All for cinqo.

La Santa Rosa


You’ve probably been eating Rosy’s authentic homemade tortillas at many of your favorite Mexican eateries for years. If by chance you find yourself venturing to the outskirts of Metro Vancouver, stop by La Santa Rosa and try these crispy fried quesadillas stuffed with lettuce, sour cream, and other goodies for only $3.50.

Pamola Bakery

Food at Pamola's Bakery and Deli

*Pictured is the ham and cheese quesadilla

From molletes to sopas, there are plenty of delicious eats to choose from for less than five bucks at Pamola. However, don’t overlook their $4.99 cheese quesadilla served with luscious guacamole and sour cream.


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Photo Credits: Sal Y LimonAdelitas