Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 5 Korean under $5

The likelihood of sitting down to a Korean meal without kimchi is as likely as seeing us pull out a twenty dollar bill for breakfast (or lunch and dinner for that matter). Frankly, why break a habit when it just works? Korean fare is all about steaming hot bowls of rice, meat, and vegetables bombarded with a variety of side dishes to pick and choose from.

Pretty awesome, right?

While it may seem hard pressed to find cheap eats in Metro Vancouver, you know that Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow could pull it off. So here are a handful of delicious Korean dining deals for five bucks and under:

Kimbob E Ramyum


Ever tried Kimbob? No, we’re not talking about that Hanson song circa 1997, we’re talking about the Korean snack food that’s resembles sushi. Since you can find six types of kimbob for under $4.95 at Kimbob E Ramyum, you’ll be popping these guys faster than the aforementioned one hit wonders.

Seoul Express (Yaohan Centre)

Located in a food court, it’s safe to say that the atmosphere is less than stellar. However, if it’s a warm, comforting bowl of Japchae you’re after (sweet potato noodles stir fried with vegetables), you can score it here and squeak just under budget at $4.90.

Ma Dang Goul

Ma Dang Goul 4

A restaurant that’s full of people is a pretty good indicator that they know what they’re doing. From the white chestnut jelly to the pancakes made of mushroom and vegetables, peruse through their appetizers and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they’re all under five dollars.

H-Mart (Richmond)


Mini bites that change daily, H-Mart is definitely a great place to munch on a budget. Most range around one dollar, and with so much variety you’re wallet won’t take a hit (although we’re not promising your stomach will have the same fate).

UvanU Cafe

UVanU is probably one of the convenience stores you’ve walked by a thousand times without a second glance. However, with deals like these we know won’t make that mistake again. Enjoy a variety of kimbab for $4 and under.



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