Vancouver Cheap Eats: Beer eats

Sometimes hunger can make us so ravenous that only a large pizza, a bucket of fries, and a tub of ice cream will settle those raging pangs. Other times it’s more manageable with something much lighter, like say a medium pizza instead.

Then there are times when it’s not so much hunger, but thirst that’s yelling the loudest. To compliment our beverage of choice, we want to pick, graze, and have a few bites here and there. So when you’re looking to allot more room for liquids than solids, Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow have gathered some places perfect for bits, bites, snacks, and munchies that won’t cost you more than a five dollars.

Tap & Barrel 

tap and barrel

Besides the awesome atmosphere, the two-level patio, and the beautiful view of the city skyline, Tap & Barrel has a few types of beers to keep you hydrated through the coming summer months (and by a few, we mean a lot). If you’re looking to nosh, they conveniently have a snack menu where nothing exceeds $5. So whether it’s the bacon chips pictured above, the fried pickles with dill sour cream, or the yam fries with mayo, you’ll have plenty to graze on.

Bitter Tasting Room 

Bitter Scotch Eggs

You may walk in bitter, but you’ll leave happy, especially with a snack list for $5 or less. What goes better with beer than handmade pretzels, pork scratchings, or our personal favourite, the Scotch Eggs? That’s hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and deep fried in breadcrumbs. Genius!


The Sin Bin Sports Grill 

Small bites at The Sin Bin include $1.50 sliders on Tuesday and 39 cent wings on Wednesday. But the real show stopper is the build your own Caesar Sunday. Add as many garnishes as you want, and you have got plenty to munch and slurp with for $5.


Judas Goat Taberna 


Located in Blood Alley, this small joint is all about the tapas. Though the menu changes regularly, you’ll always be able to find some bites for five dollars, like the rustic baguette with artichoke and garlic spread, the Salt Spring Island mussel and saffron risotto, or the salted cod brandade with chips. Judas, you’re a good goat.


The Reef 

The Reef

Looking for some ‘small tings’? Head to The Reef for Jamaican snacks like the beef or vegetarian patty for $4, or the baked roti chips with warm chickpea and pepper dip for $3. There’s also the wee little pirate plate, which has one egg with bacon, hash browns or toast for $5.


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Photo Credits: Sean’s Adventures in Flavor TownThe Sin Bin Sports GrillTrip AdvisorI’m Only Here For The Food