Vancouver Cheap Eats: 24 for $25

Dec 19 2017, 11:01 am

Always on the lookout for cheap eats, Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow found a few new places to add to our list this week. Check out where we dined from sunrise to sunset with a $25 budget to last us the entire day.

Breakfast: Kaffeine Cafe


Start your morning with a muffin, scone, or Danish and a coffee for $2.55, every day of the week!

Lunch: Ba Le Sandwich Shop

Ba Le Sandwich Shop

Banh Mi is always a reliable cheap eat that never disappoints. Try the bacon, meatball, chicken, or even meatloaf sandwiches at Ba Le for $4 or less.

Snack: Magda’s Restaurant


If you haven’t tried an empanada, head to Magda’s. These gluten-free stuffed-pastries are $3.95 and come in nine different flavours like queso fresco, ham, beef, chicken, black beans, or even vegan shredded ‘beef’. Other cheap eats include the chicken or vegan tamales for $5.

Dinner: Church’s Chicken

Church's Chicken

Though it’s not exactly known for ambience, when you’re feeling like fried chicken (and who doesn’t?) Church’s won’t let you down. They always have monthly deals that make at least a few meals under $5.

Dessert: Bubble Queen


Slightly crunchy on the outside, pillowy soft on the inside, bubble waffles for $4 is exactly how you want to end your day. Trust us.


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Photo Credits: aaniejensenn; Magda’s Restaurant, Church’s Chicken, nomnomyvr