Vancouver Canucks Royal Rumble

Dec 19 2017, 9:30 am

What do you get when you mix the Royal Rumble and the Vancouver Canucks? Well you’ll have to watch this clever and funny simulation created by The Legion of Blog creators Wyatt Arndt (@thestanchion) and Jordan Bowman (@JBowmancouver) to find out.

“It started off when someone on a message board (Parabola) sent me a link to someone live streaming a simulation of a Royal Rumble using a WWE video game, said Wyatt Arndt. “Except instead of wrestlers, it was a bunch of video game characters. It blew my mind to see Mario wrestling Bowser. I of course then thought “Wait, what would happen if hockey players fought in a Rumble?”

“So I went about creating the NHL Royal Rumble with my writing partner Jordan Bowman, and we created a 46 minute long YouTube video showing a simulation of a bunch of NHL players fighting in a Royal Rumble. Sadly for Canucks fans, Brad Marchand won the Rumble, leaving many fans wanting more. We thought 46 minutes would turn people off, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, and it ended up getting 10,000 views, which for us, was amazing.”

“Fast forward to this year, and before we made the Royal Rumble 2 we wanted to make a Canucks only Royal Rumble to decide who should fight in the NHL Rumble 2 on Canucks fans behalf. Roberto Luongo himself asked us to make sure he was going to be in the Rumble, so we knew people must be getting a kick out of it if Luongo himself wanted to see what his fake wrestling future held for him.”

After a a grueling week of intensive work later they put together the Canucks Rumble 2. Bigger and better than the first.

[youtube id=”QAFrmP0W6-s” align=”center”]



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