Vancouver Canucks franchise now worth US$800-million

Dec 19 2017, 12:57 pm

The Vancouver Canucks, under the management of B.C.’s Aquilini family, have seen an uptick in value and are now the NHL’s fifth most valuable franchise.

According to Forbes magazine, the Canucks now hold a value of US$800-million, representing a 14 per cent increase in valuation over one year. It also attained the league’s fifth highest operating income of US$46.7-million and the sixth highest revenues of $154-million.

Only three Canadian franchises made the top 10 of the ranking. The Toronto Maple Leafs topped the list for the ninth consecutive year with a value of US$1.3-billion while the Montreal Canadians came in third place at US$1-billion.

The New York Rangers came in at second with a value of $US1.1-billion, but were able to trump the Leafs in both operating income (US$84.4-million) and revenue (US$217-million).

Alberta’s Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames were listed at 12th and 13th in the rankings, worth less than $500-million each. The Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets ranked 16th and 20th, with valuations of $400-million and $358-million, respectively.

The valuation are based on equity plus net team and the arena, if the franchise also owns the facility. For instance, among many factors for a valuation change, the recent improvements to Rogers Arena and the ongoing plans to add four condominium towers on the arena city block were likely reflected in the latest analysis.

Forbes indicates that this is the first time the NHL has three teams worth $1-billion or more. The average NHL value also rose to a historical high of US$490-million, largely in part due to the signing of Rogers Communications’ $4.6-billion Canadian NHL broadcast rights deal over 12 years. The contract is 2.6 times more than previous deals in Canada and exposes the NHL to all of Rogers’ media and communications platforms.

NHL franchise valuation 2014 (Forbes)

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs (Value: US$1.3-billion; 1-year value change: 13%)
  2. New York Rangers (Value: US$1.1-billion; 1-year value change: 29%)
  3. Montreal Canadiens (Value: US$1-billion; 1-year value change: 29%)
  4. Chicago Blackhawks (Value: US$825-million; 1-year value change: 32%)
  5. Vancouver Canucks (Value: US$800-million; 1-year value change: 14%)
  6. Boston Bruins (Value: US$750-million; 1-year value change: 25%)
  7. Philadelphia Flyers (Value: US$625-million; 1-year value change: 25%)
  8. Los Angeles Kings (Value: US$580-million; 1-year value change: 29%)
  9. Detroit Red Wings (Value: US$570-million; 1-year value change: 21%)
  10. Pittsburgh Penguins (Value: US$565-million; 1-year value change: 18%)
  11. Washington Capitals (Value: US$500-million; 1-year value change: 21%)
  12. Edmonton Oilers (Value: US$475-million; 1-year value change: 19%)
  13. Calgary Flames (Value: US$451-million; 1-year value change: 7%)
  14. San Jose Sharks (Value: US$425-million; 1-year value change: 5%)
  15. Dallas Stars (Value: US$420-million; 1-year value change: 26%)
  16. Ottawa Senators (Value: US$400-million; 1-year value change: 5%)
  17. Minnesota Wild (Value: US$370-million; 1-year value change: 12%)
  18. Anaheim Ducks (Value: US$365-million; 1-year value change: 22%)
  19. Colorado Avalanche (Value: US$360-million; 1-year value change: 7%)
  20. Winnipeg Jets (Value: US$358-million; 1-year value change: 5%)
  21. New Jersey Devils (Value: US$330-million; 1-year value change: 3%)
  22. New York Islanders (Value: US$300-million; 1-year value change: 54%)
  23. Buffalo Sabres (Value: US$288-million; 1-year value change: 15%)
  24. Nashville Predators (Value: US$250-million; 1-year value change: 22%)
  25. St. Louis Blues (Value: US$235-million; 1-year value change: 27%)
  26. Tampa Bay Lightning (Value: US$230-million; 1-year value change: 28%)
  27. Arizona Coyotes (Value: US$225-million; 1-year value change: 12%)
  28. Carolina Hurricanes (Value: US$220-million; 1-year value change: 18%)
  29. Columbus Blue Jackets (Value: US$200-million; 1-year value change: 14%)
  30. Florida Panthers (Value: US$190-million; 1-year value change: -21%)


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